Eric Nies

Cyberscan, Nutrition, and Facilitation



We hold council with you as equals. Our approach is to have an honest conversation with you. We understand that you are responsible for helping and healing yourself, and we are only facilitators.



We are dedicated to transformation and cleansing at all levels. We work with couples, individuals, parents and children to identify the sources of fears, emotional blockages and stuck energy and misunderstandings, and we use techniques and exercises to release these. We look at true feelings and true desires without fear or judgement. We encourage men and women to stand in both their masculine and feminine powers. We embrace the beauty of vulnerability, and see everyone as a beautiful spirit. We will always support and ask for total honor between partners and family members in relationships, and between you and yourself in your relationship with yourself. This honest communication can be difficult and uncomfortable, and we embrace these uncomfortable moments as clues to something beautiful and true that wants to have light and acceptance.



We look into sources of the issues by looking into past emotional, physical, traumatic experiences. These experiences leave an imprint on the psyche that produces habitual behavior, patterns, and in some cases powerful addictions such as food, alcohol, drugs, sex, obsessions, destructive behavior—and can lead to decisions causing mental and emotional instability, insecurity, and low self-esteem that do not support your health and well-being. These patterns can turn into cycles where the same things occur over and over again—and you will keep showing yourself this experience until you become aware of it, address it, make amends with it, and leave it behind. We identify what these experiences are in your life that you are carrying with you in the present day. These experiences also cause energetic and physical blockages in the body, which can lead to physical issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestive issues, and more. The emotions build up inside of you and cause discomfort, which may lead to running from situations rather than facing them, and can cause anxiety, depression, irritability, sleeplessness, and other imbalances. On a spiritual level, these experiences can cause a disconnect and disharmony between your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. If the physical, emotional, spiritual bodies are not communicating and connected, the individual becomes stagnant, and does not grow and evolve and mature.