Eric Nies

Cyberscan, Nutrition, and Facilitation


What We Expect

In this work, we expect you to come prepared to dedicate yourself fully to self-understanding and self-mastery, to face your fears and triggers with honesty and fearlessness, to commit to your own healing and health, and to come with a loving and non-judgmental approach, and with an openness to experiencing things you may never had thought possible, and with an openness to experiencing life in ways you never dreamed of.  



 The cyberscan cost is $300/session or $1,500 for a package of six sessions. We offer a sliding scale to accommodate different income levels.

Phone sessions are $200-$300/hour.

Please email us with questions and to set up an initial consultation at



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Please email us for more information about our services or to arrange private retreats.



We can do sessions in person or by Skype or phone. CyberScan quantum cellular balancing sessions can be done from anywhere using hair samples.