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cyberscan testimonials


Cybernetic Biofeedback CyberScan Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from our clients and from our colleagues' CyberScan clients in Germany and North America


HEALING MY DAUGHTER: My CyberScan testimonial

It had been 2 years of attempting to fight the battle of anorexia nervosa that had completely taken over the mind, body, and soul of my 12-year-old daughter, Christine. I watched her transition from a happy, healthy, intelligent kid to a complete stranger who would starve herself, measure every morsel of food she ate, eat specific foods at specific times of the day, time herself to finish meals in just 5 minutes, alienate herself from all of her friends, refuse to go to school, compulsively exercise, not sit down until 3:00pm, and not feel safe unless she was literally by my side 24 hours a day. We had exhausted every possible form of healing I could think of—including, medical doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, homeopathic doctors, energy workers, hypnotists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, shamans and psychic healers. On July 15, 2013, I surrendered and admitted her into The Bella Vita, a residential eating disorder treatment center. It was the most heart-wrenching, difficult thing I have ever had to do. She was down to 56 pounds at 5 feet tall and despite all of my efforts and endless love, I could not help her. Less than 2 hours after I left her at the treatment center I got a call from the center saying they had to transfer her to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles because her heart rate was so low that she was at risk of heart failure and needed to be medically monitored around the clock. My daughter could possibly die! Christine stayed at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for 10 days, being monitored by machines and a team of doctors. A nutritionist met with her every day and helped her plan her meals and a nurse sat with her as she shook with fear through every single bite. When Christine’s heart was stable, she was re-admitted into The Bella Vita where she would live for the next three months undergoing intense therapy and re-feeding. Every day was not only a physical challenge, but a psychological one as well. It was during this time that Christine realized that the abuse, neglect and abandonment she had experienced as a very young child had robbed her of her self-esteem, sense of reality and all control. As Christine reluctantly began to eat more, she became stronger and was able to begin exploring the trauma she had endured. Christine left The Bella Vita at a healthy weight and with the optimistic attitude that her life could turn around and she could be “normal” and live a happy life. At this point she was taking two different anti-depressants, seeing a therapist twice a week, seeing a psychiatrist once a month, going to support group meetings, following a strict meal plan—and I kept a close eye on her all day, every day. Over the next 5 months Christine stayed at a healthy weight and life seemed pretty good, but even after all of the therapists, spiritual healers, doctors, support group meetings, medications and love, there was still a darkness, a sadness, a fear and a desire to “control.” Although she was physically healthy, mentally she was in a daily struggle with the demons that were still in her conscious and un-conscious mind.

It was around mid-April 2014 that Eric told us about The CyberScan. Right away, I agreed to give it a try. It made sense to me scientifically that a machine could read your DNA from a hair sample and define everything that was happening in every cell of your body, but the second part of it that involved imprinting a unique healing remedy that would repair damaged cells, onto a vial of sea water, a plastic card and a crystal sounded too good to be true. Still desperate to help bring my daughter’s spirit to come back, I thought “it can’t hurt,” so we submitted her first hair sample and waited for the results. What came back was unbelievable! The CyberScan detected every ailment she had (including some ailments we were not aware of): warts, vitamin deficiencies, stomach and bowel disorders, bone loss, hair loss, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, dissociative disorder, flashbacks, suicidal tendency, trauma caused by situation from which there is no means of escape, PTSD, social dysfunction, fear of being alone, traumatized by a parent, verbal, psychological and physical abuse—and anorexia nervosa, in many different forms. I was blown away! THIS WAS MY DAUGHTER! She had been diagnosed by many doctors with all of these things and I had experienced her in all of these ways. Christine had already started to share her trauma related to her father’s abuse but when it got deep, it was too painful and confusing for her to continue so she would stop when she felt scared or uncomfortable. Christine continued to take the CyberScan remedy, sending new hair samples every two weeks as I watched, in amazement, the changes in her, physically and mentally. The results would come back with confirmation that the exact ailments I witnessed disappearing were in fact healing in her. It was approximately 5-6 weeks after starting The CyberScan that Christine, very quietly, said one night, at my brother’s birthday dinner, in the company of me, her grandmother, her uncle and aunt, “my father’s best friend raped me.” We were all speechless! I tried to fight back the tears and comfort her...because I was in shock, literally. Over the next 2 weeks Christine began to be able to talk freely with me and her therapist about the rape incident as well as her traumatic relationship with her father. I had been asked by many therapists, psychiatrists, lawyers and doctors over the past 3 years if she had been sexually abused because her symptoms strongly suggested that she had. I had told all of them that she hadn’t and asked, “wouldn’t she have told me?” They later explained that Christine was very young when the abuse started and only 5 years old at the time of the rape and that she had dissociative disorder. This is when a person buries a traumatic experience in their subconscious mind because it is too painful to cope with, which is very common with young children. As Christine continued to take the CyberScan remedy, and as the CyberScan reported flashbacks and repressed memories in her results, she began remembering and expressing these traumas and emotions that had been locked up inside her for years. As she went through the process, she would actually go through the emotion associated to the memory but then would be able to let it go—and I watched her become more and more like the happy little girl I knew to be my daughter. It was after Christine recalled this rape memory that Iona and Eric told me that sexual abuse had come up in her scan but they didn't want to burden me with something so painful after all we had been through. Christine says it was seeing the results of the CyberScan that confirmed to her that she was not “crazy” but she was a victim, and her mind had created anorexia nervosa that came along with all of the other disorders so she could cope with her life without actually having to deal with the reality of what had happened to her. With the CyberScan remedy Christine was now actually healing from the inside out!

Today, six months after starting the CyberScan, Christine is healthy and happy. Her psychiatrist even agreed that we could try to wean her off the anti-depressants but we should be aware that there would probably be side-effects. We prepared ourselves for the worst because she had already been through wicked withdrawals once before while changing from one SSRI to another, and had to go back on them because she became suicidal and consumed with anxiety. This time it was different: six weeks ago she stopped the medications completely, without weaning, and never experienced a single sign of withdrawals. Christine is completely wart free (after trying every treatment from freezing them, to burning them, to over the counter remedies and homeopathic remedies, none of which worked), has a thick beautiful head of hair and healthy nails, NO stomach problems, sleeps soundly through the night, every night, is anxiety free—and she is a happy, smart, social young girl who has made friends and enjoys horseback riding, dancing, and singing. Most of all, Christine eats freely now, consuming healthy and nourishing meals, snacking like a kid, and enjoying treats like ice cream and chocolate without the having the fear that she is “doing something wrong”! Christine is not ashamed to share her story with anyone; she is actually happy to share it with everyone in hopes that she will be able to help others who are sick and suffering to heal and live the happy lives they deserve to live no matter what their past is.

Testimonials: CyberScan Germany

From: (note: “CyberTrone” was changed to CyberScan, to reflect the current name of the device)

Patient -Male, 62 years: Very upsetting and devastating clinical diagnosis on 2nd January 2009: Carcinoma clarocellulare of the left kidney with 11 metastasis in the liver and 5 metastasis in the right lung. For such cancer types (clear cell carcinoma), there has so far been no treatment -- even chemotherapy and radiation do not help here. My left kidney along with the adrenal gland were surgically removed. My only help was God, my family and CyberScan. I carried out the rest of the treatment with CyberScan. During the clinical check-up on 12.06.2009, the chief physician had this to say: "The liver tissue has recovered very well! No detectable metastasis in the lung and liver!" You can now imagine the kind of uproar this caused amongst the doctors in the hospital!

Patient B. L., 42 years, Police officer: Depressive mood, dizziness, gastritis since a few months. Just after the second CyberScan application, B. L. comes to my clinic beaming with joy: "The tinnitus that bothered me for more than 10 years has disappeared!" Tinnitus has never been previously discussed! After the fourth application, the stomach problems had gone away and from the seventh sessions on he could completely discontinue the antidepressants, the dosage which was being gradually reduced before.

Four female patients, 22, 26, 38 and 43 years of age: After an MRI of the brain and cerebro-spinal fluid puncture, the shattering diagnosis: Starting stage of multiple sclerosis. After eight sessions and in two cases after 10 CyberScan-sessions, the starting symptoms of deficiency disappeared, the dark regions in the brain had completely disappeared in case of one patient and reduced by 50% in case of the other three patients. The doctors who diagnosed it talked of a possible mix-up of the patients' files. The four patients did not undergo any other treatment except for CyberScan.

Patient B. K., 31 years of age, Cloth-salesperson: Pollen-allergy and multiple food allergies since many years. During the CyberScan-applications, I have specially observed a great deal of fungal infections. Just after the sixth application, the patient could ingest almost all the foodstuffs that were earlier not possible. The pollen allergy can be analysed only in the coming spring.

Patient V. D., 64 years of age, Electrical engineer: Irritable colon with 10-12 defecations per day. Extensive detoxification and mycosis treatment with CyberScan relieved the patient of his problem after five sessions.

Patient R. H., 32 years of age, Radio and TV technician: Epilepsy since 16 years with an average of two massive attacks per week. The CyberScan-treatment began in November 2009 with two-week treatment cycles and three-week cycles since March this year. The patient does not want to discontinue the treatment as he has not had an epileptic attack since 26th February 2010 (more than six months).

Patient U. D., 8 years of age: ADHD-Syndrome (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) with learning disorders, disorders of the fine motor skills and aggressiveness. Just after the third (!!) CyberScan-treatment, the girl's mother reported that she has become calmer, is not so aggressive anymore, is not afraid of going to school and is commended by her teacher at school.

Patient N. K., 37 years of age, Housewife: Dizziness of unknown reasons since many years. Just after two (!!) CyberScan-treatments, the vertigo attacks and their intensity reduced. No dizziness any more after the sixth treatment.

Testimonials: CyberScan North America

I am so happy to have my lifelong heart arrhythmia resolved.  And after only the 4th CyberScan session for something that I have had since childhood and worked on in many ways over the years.  I can now make it up the mountain without stopping, and with no  spiking heart rate.  And my heart feels great.  Thank you!!

Heli, Colorado


My 3 year old son on the spectrum went from non-verbal to verbal after 3 months of Cyberscan sessions. We are blown away.

- R.C., Van Nuys, CA


During the Cyberscan applications, I have specially observed a great deal of fungal infections. Just after the sixth application, I could ingest almost all the foods that were earlier not possible.

-B.K., Australia


Just after the second Cyberscan application, “The tinnitus that bothered me for more than 10 years has disappeared!” Tinnitus has never been previously discussed! After the fourth application, the stomach problems had gone away and from the seventh sessions on he could completely discontinue the antidepressants, the dosage which was being gradually reduced before.

-B.L., Germany


3 months into my Cyberscan sessions, 90% of all of my symptoms from Lyme’s dissipated. Cyberscan is amazing.

-M.S., Palo Alto, CA.


Every time that I have a Cyberscan session, I become more amazed about the its’ accuracy . I am completely astonished about the technology. My insomnia, constipation and others problems have been solved. I am relaxed about my health. I don’t have words to express my gratitude.

- E. Baker, Colombia