Cleanse Body Mind and Emotions




Go inside.


30 days later, 170 coconuts later, 30 rolls of toilet paper later, and 62 pounds lighter. 3 days of cleansing colon and intestines, 3 days of cleansing liver and gallbladder, 21 days of green juice cleansing, salt flushes, daily barefoot walks, daily chi gong and tibetan rites, daily infrared saunas, daily meditation, daily sunset mineral baths, sound baths, superfood shakes, raw food meals, drumming journeys, dreamwork, fire-pit building, releasing of fears and worries, releasing the past, many tears, more laughter, finding forgiveness, finding the present.


Engage your body and mind.


Your bring courage, open spirit, willingness to explore and engage in new adventures, honest feedback, humility, compassion, and strength. This path is not for the weak-minded or stone-hearted; this is a path for warriors.


Disclaimer: Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease or illness, nor are they to be presented or construed, in any way, as a substitute for professional medical, surgical or psychiatric care or treatment. Eric Nies holds sessions and give services during which modalities are taught or administered to people of their own free will. The meditation, prayer, or energy sessions given and received are not licensed by the state and are alternative. There is no guarantee that the sessions will produce any outcome. Eric Nies is not a state licensed physician or surgeon. Eric Nies will not diagnose or prescribe medicines or medical treatments for you or recommend that you discontinue prescription drugs prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner. 


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