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Below are some brief recommendations for living that we currently follow in our life. We have both spent our lives separately and together seeking ways to be healthier, happier, more evolved, more energetic, and more authentic. These recommendations follow from combined 8 decades of seeking, experimenting, studying with masters and teachers, and traveling the world in search of ways to empower body, heart, mind, and spirit. Note that there are many more detailed recommendations and reasons behind these brief summaries, so please understand that these are overviews, and please contact us if you would like to know more.



Based on our combined backgrounds in physiology, natural foods, nutrition, environmental science, evolution, alternative and holistic health, and our work with people with health issues and degenerative diseases, we understand both the destructive power of the toxins in the planet's industrially-polluted environment, and the creative and healing power of pure, whole, natural foods. Combining our decades of study, training, and experimentation with our own bodies, we have come up with the following summary guidelines about eating in today's world that we follow in our life:

  1. Eat only whole unprocessed foods, and eat them in raw form (with exceptions such as Brassicaceae leaves)
  2. Eat a variety of colored fruits and vegetables, raw seeds and nuts, and include some responsibly-sourced animals products such as raw dairy and raw eggs
  3. Source all your food from small, responsible organic and biodynamic polyculture farms, and/or your own garden/farm
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables from healthy organic and biodynamic farms, where plants are honored and respected, and eat mainly fruit so plants are not harmed
  5. If you eat dairy and eggs, eat only raw dairy from ancient heritage grass-fed breeds and raw eggs from healthy and honored animals on small caring organic and biodynamic farms ( provides sources, including in states where raw milk is illegal)
  6. If you choose to eat meat and fish, eat only raw grass-fed meat from heritage breeds from healthy and honored animals on small caring organic and biodynamic farms, and raw wild fish, in limited amounts
  7. Avoid eating grains and legumes, but if you do eat them, choose soaked sprouted and cooked whole forms, and choose the grains with the lowest anti-nutrients (oats, rice, millet, and the pseudo-grains quinoa and amaranth)
  8. Include super-foods and healing spices such as phyto-plankton, chlorella, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon
  9. Use herbs and minerals for targeted healing, with caution
  10. Support the body's microflora by eating raw and fermented fruits and vegetables, raw cultured and fermented dairy, and avoiding anything that is an antibiotic
  11. Restore the body's microflora with a fecal transplant, protect your existing microflora, and avoid competitive super-strains of microflora
  12. Eliminate all refined flours and sugars
  13. Eliminate garlic and onions
  14. Use raw honey and fruits for sweetness
  15. Avoid using any seed or vegetable oils, except for cold-pressed unrefined olive oil (never heated) and coconut oil (can be heated)
  16. Use only sea salt
  17. Eliminate all additives, chemicals, and artificial colors/flavors, and preservatives
  18. Eliminate all drugs that lower brain-chemicals such as coffee, tea, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, marijuana, and other controlled drugs
  19. Avoid taking any prescription drugs whenever possible

This may sound extreme, and we always advise transitioning into healthier eating in stages appropriate to your starting point. We are happy to consult with you about making changes to your diet and how to incorporate healthier eating into your life. We can help you to transition to a healthier lifestyle that is comfortable for you and your family and your cultural backgrounds.  



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We have a profound connection to nature, animals, and source. We love to camp and sleep outside, exercise outside, communicate with animals, walk barefoot, and feel the earth next to our bodies. We spend time in the sun, receiving the power and energy of source. We practice breathing exercises, and we meditate. We purify and heal our energy with water, crystals, and sound baths. We pray and talk directly to source and to the great spirit. 



Exercise for us goes beyond just the physical body and the muscles. Exercise is an opportunity to connect to nature and spirit, to balance our energy through breathing, to meditate and stop the brain from thinking, and to shamanically gather energy into our energy bodies, and release any negative stored energy or emotions. To us, exercise is about flow and movement and connection with ourselves and with this planet and with source.

When we feel compelled to, we practice Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts, yoga, Tibetan rites, Tensegrity and other ancient shamanic movements. We walk barefoot, sprint and spin in circles, hike up mountains, and swim in the ocean and lakes. We sometimes lift weights and hang upside down, and do handstands and other moves that feel good for our inner children.

We value rest and restorative sleep, and go to bed at sunset and rise with the sun. We avoid EMFs, we don't use lighting, and we use all natural bedding.