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Oprah "where are they now"

On December 21st, 2014, the Oprah Winfrey Network aired a piece on Eric Nies and Iona Nies on "where are they now?" The CyberScan was featured on that show, which is not available in its entirety online, but will be re-run in the future. Stay tuned. 

Here is a portion of the show: also published an exclusive webisode with a little more about our Twin Flame relationship: 

Our wedding: reuniting our Twin Flames

We have a strong connection to the ancients' ways of connecting to nature and honoring and respecting all living things. Over the years of our spiritual journeys we spent a lot of time reflecting on ancient civilizations and there was one in particular we felt very connected to. There seems to be evidence of a lost continent of Mu during the time of Atlantis, where the Lemurians lived. There is evidence that these ancient civilizations experienced a great catastrophe and the seas rose and took over their land. It is said that some of the Lemurians moved to Mt. Shasta until they would help facilitate the planet shifting to a new consciousness. Mt. Shasta is also a vortex and heart chakra for the earth. We were drawn to that energy, and to reconnect in a sacred ceremony with our Lemurian brothers and sisters. It is said that the Lemurians were a highly-evolved and spiritual group of people who came to Earth from another star-system, and that they were sent here to help usher in a new star-kingdom on planet Earth, to transform this planet into one of only love and light. A light being also spoke to us in the spirit realm and told us that our Lemurian brothers and sisters originally created the infrastructure of planet earth. 

The first time we visited Mt. Shasta during a month-long wilderness retreat we heard the mountain singing to us, with our physical ears, without seeing any humans around us.  We decided to return to the sacred ancient Lumerian earth chakra of Mt Shasta to sanctify our union in a divine sacred wedding ceremony with the two of us alone on the mountain. We chose to do the ceremony in this way to totally connect to source and nature, and also to connect with the soul of our future child, who had spoken to us and shown himself to us in the spirit realm before he was to be conceived. 

On 11.1 at 3:33 we held our sacred wedding ceremony, with just the two of us and our mother-father God, and the light-beings and animals that surrounded us. November 1st was a powerful planetary squaring of Pluto and Uranus representing freedom, power, and transformation. 111 and 333 have played powerful roles throughout our lives, connecting us to the angels and ascended masters that helped guide us and bring us together. We built a medicine wheel to create our sacred space, and called in the four directions and Mother Earth and Father Sky, and we were not surprised when one of our spirit animals the Hawk circled above us during the ceremony. It was a magical day and we felt completely protected and blessed and showered with divine love. 

In this video is a slideshow of some photos that we took ourselves from our magical ceremony together. 

It is with great reverence and awe that we thank our mother-father God for protecting us and guiding us back to each other, and we are now whole and complete as one golden soul-flame, after spending many lifetimes apart.