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Hollywood Hills Team-Spicer Fearless Body Detox

We just finished the 15-day Team Spicer Fearless Body detox cleanse in the Hollywood Hills. The active cleansing group grew to 7 members by the second week, with an average weight loss of 15 pounds per person. We navigated this fearless cleanse with 7 people on very different schedules and in different locations from Santa Monica to Hollywood. Some woke up at 3pm for their first breakfast shake, while others rose at dawn. Some loved the taste of the shakes and others needed us to customize the flavors. Some stuck to our strict program, while others chose to eat take-out chicken in the middle of the night. Some did salt flushes, saunas and Qi Gong, and some walked for hours on their treadmills. Some wanted to talk about their experiences and emotional triggers, and others focused on the physical changes. We feel honored and blessed to have served this diverse and special team during the creation of John Spicer's first album. We were lucky to receive a live preview of some of the songs, which moved us to tears. We are grateful to Chuck and Lauren Banner, and to all the team members who took on the program with grace and fearlessness. We are so proud of the dedication and courage of each member of the team. Everyone moves at their own pace in relation to their present place, and we respect and honor the present moment and the benefits that each person is ready to receive at this moment in their lives. Transformation happens on many levels--whether one drinks water for 40 days in the desert, or makes subtle shifts in diet and sleep and exercise patterns. Every experience for us is a learning experience, and everyone is in a different emotional, physical and spiritual place. And it is all divine and perfect, and love is the essential ingredient for any transformation program. Thank you Team Spicer for allowing us to share with you, and for teaching us many valuable lessons during these 15 days together. 

About John Spicer: 22-year old Singer Songwriter, Guitar Player and Multi-Instrumentalist, John Spicer, was raised deep in the southern region of Illinois. John began playing guitar at age 4 and soon after picked up the banjo, dobro, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, lap steel, bass guitar and piano. By age 12 John had become a multi-award winning banjo picker who performed all over the southern Illinois region. John was discovered at an early age by another former Southern Illinois native, Houston Curtis, founder of Big Vision Entertainment, Legend Group Studios and most recently Legend Group Records out of Los Angeles, California. John has signed a multi-year recording contract with Legend Group Records. Curtis is producing John’s first record album in March 2014 along with multi-platinum record producer Tom Fletcher whose illustrious career has been the cause for over 63 million records sold by a variety of top artists including Ozzy Osbourne, Toto, Yes, Don Henley and many more. (See more at