Eric Nies

Cyberscan, Nutrition, and Facilitation

Tigers and Fearlessless

Before departing Los Angeles for our next Fearless Evolution program in Sedona, we were blessed by our human and non-human angels to be given one magical day with one white baby tiger and two teenage tigers, who affirmed and tested our abilities to stay calm, in love, and in a state of fearlessness. When working with tigers or any wild animals like wolves, they are so present and aware and tuned in and connected that they feel every emotion, and every aspect of ourselves. In this way they mirror our state of being, and they show us every feeling and all our different energies, even ones we may not be aware of. We are so grateful to the tigers for showing us our ability to stay calm and fearless--while feeding them from bottles, feeding them meat from our hands, playing with them off-leash, and facing them head on when they tested us by charging us and pouncing on us with their mouths open. We have all had experiences in life that have caused us to have moments of fear and doubt, and we are grateful to these tigers for seeing our true selves and showing us our ability to stay clear and present and in a state of fearlessness, while in a vulnerable space with powerful tiger beings. Thank you to our angel friends for giving us the opportunity to have this powerful and magical experience.