Eric Nies

Cyberscan, Nutrition, and Facilitation

Twinflame Fearless Evolution in the Desert

We just finished a twinflame fearless evolution cleanse of body, heart, mind and spirit. 30 days later, 170 coconuts later, 30 rolls of toilet paper later, and 62 pounds lighter. 3 days of energetic purging, 3 days of cleansing colon and intestines, 3 days of cleansing liver and gallbladder, 21 days of green juice cleansing, lightening the load with salt flushes, daily barefoot walks, daily chi gong and tibetan rites, daily infrared saunas, daily meditation, daily sunset mineral baths, shamanic drumming, crystal sound baths, superfood shakes, raw food meals, shamanic journeys into other realms of consciousness, nights of dreamwork, magical fire-pit building with the four directions, releasing of fears and worries, releasing the past, many tears, more laughter, finding forgiveness, finding the present. Thank you Great Spirit for blessing us with the trees and rocks and wind and fire and great sun, and the coyote, woodpecker, rabbit, hawk and raven spirit animals you sent us to guide and deliver medicine and messages at key moments. We are very grateful to Rocco and John Buckmaster for your courage, open spirits, willingness to explore and engage in new adventures, sweetness while in reduced-calorie weakness, honest feedback, humility, compassion, and strength. This path is not for the weak-minded or stone-hearted; this is a path full of heart for light warriors. You two showed up with great vigor and grace, and we look forward to our next magical adventure together. May the Great Spirit guide you, teach you, and bless you with all the necessary tools to keep you balanced, authentic, in integrity, and in your hearts, for eternity.