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Below are the programs we have created and used with many clients, and fine-tuned over the years. We are always able to customize a program to work with your schedule, constraints, and budget, so please feel-free contact us about your needs and desires.


NOTE: We are licensed Cyberscan Agents and can sell Cyberscans to those who are seeking to becomes practitioners of this technology. Please email us at with any questions.

Phone Sessions (1-3 hours)  These sessions are designed to shift your relationship with yourself in powerful meaningful ways, and we will give you tools to apply to your life to transform release and transmute your fears so that you are living authentically as your life and creating the life that honors your true spirit body and mind. We may give you messages that we receive from spirit and your guides during these sessions. See testimonials here.

CyberScan Quantum Cellular Balancing (by mail using a hair sample, with a CyberScan biofeedback device; 1-2 hours per session). These sessions are designed to read your entire energy field and transfer the resulting information to your immune system to facilitate your body's own balancing mechanisms on all levels: mental, physical and emotional. See cyberscan testimonials here.

Private individual or group retreats (in person, customized life-transformation programs for total heart-mind-body-spirit health including addictions; 10-day, 21-day, 30-day). These retreats are customized to transform and release old patterns addictions habits negative-love programs and imprints that are no longer serving your highest self. These retreats involve three stages, physical cleansing, emotional exploration, and spiritual journeying such as dream-work and drum-work.  Ancient shamanic exercises in nature assist in reestablishing a new relationship with yourself. See testimonials here.




Disclaimer: Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease or illness, nor are they to be presented or construed, in any way, as a substitute for professional medical, surgical or psychiatric care or treatment. Twinflame and Eric Nies and Iona Nies hold sessions and give services during which modalities are taught or administered to people of their own free will. The meditation, prayer, or energy sessions given and received are not licensed by the state and are alternative. There is no guarantee that the sessions will produce any outcome. Neither Eric Nies or Iona Nies is a state licensed physician or surgeon. Neither Eric Nies or Iona Nies will diagnose or prescribe medicines or medical treatments for you or recommend that you discontinue prescription drugs prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner. 




Emotional imbalances

Weight imbalances

Physical imbalances

Finding your authentic self



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