Eric Nies

Cyberscan, Nutrition, and Facilitation


Below are some quotes from clients whom we have worked with over the years. We are very grateful for their feedback, and grateful for all the lessons and light that they have shared with us, in our work together. 

The best therapy session of my life!

- Rose Maples, Greenwich, CT

As a shaman, I have experienced many different modalities and healing and disciplines in which to create transformational experiences that allow people to see a greater perspective of themselves. However, being the one performing this for other people, I have to be able to nurture, grow, and clear things within my own self. Eric and Iona do just that. They assist me in overcoming my fears and limitations in presenting myself in the public in a way in which I can feel most grounded and humble. Their knowledge and vast experience coupled with their warm and direct personalities makes for a good combination when working with someone like me. I have learned so much about myself through their work with me--and my abilities to stand alone in the world and be able to be my authentic self have been greatly affected because of these two beautiful souls. One of the things I admire about these medicinal healers is that you are experiencing two different perspectives, however jointly together as one voice for your change to occur. They are a true dynamic duo. Through their work with me: I have been able to confront deep issues within my own inner child, and been willing to see what is necessary to create as much awareness in really facing my fears to a level at which I can be of greater service; I have been broken down; I have had epiphanies and realizations; I have been strengthened, and I have been calmed; and most of all their work with me has fortified my strength to be a voice to the people and to remain within my core self. Iona and Eric have educated me in various ways in which to honor myself, my temple, even through my resistance and the many other aspects of my being that wish to struggle with the ideas and the content which they are providing. All of this has been a necessary part of my life in being who I am. I highly recommend Eric and Iona for anyone who is ready to move through the stuck areas in their life, through the uncomfortable places, and to know that you can walk through the fires, and you don’t have to do it alone.

       - Shaman Durek Verrett, Shaman,

Iona Nies and Eric Nies are profoundly visionary shamanic healers; their decades of experience studying multiple traditions infuse their practice with the deepest holistic wisdom. I believe their work is nothing short of revolutionary; if you allow yourself to experience the authentic healing gifts they're on this planet to offer, you will be transformed. How do I know this to be true? Well, it happened to me…  

       - Steven Starr, Filmmaker and Spiritual Activist

I was feeling out of alignment in both my personal and professional life. It was time to call in the shamanic healers. After spending a day in the guiding vibrations of Iona and Eric, I rediscovered the alignment within. Since then, I've been radiating at a much higher frequency. I cannot thank them enough!  I am filled with so much love and gratitude.

       - David DeGraw, Co-Founder 99% Movement, Co-Founder Wave of Action

The 30 day "fearless evolution" program is a must for the modern day human-being.  I cleansed, I pondered, I conquered....and now I feel great! When you realize you can make the time, don't think twice... realize it! Eric and Iona are a fantastic team, complementing each other in each and every turn; its great to have both of them to refer to when facing and overcoming the challenges of the fearless evolution program.

       Rocco Gardner, Entrepreneur and Musician

I had the good fortune of spending a month with Eric and Iona as they guided me through the 30 day "Fearless Evolution" program. When we started I was 235 pounds, I had just been through a painful breakup and was feeling very frightened about my life direction. There was something very comforting with both of them at the beginning to bring up all of my thoughts and feelings. They welcomed all of them lovingly. The program at times was very intense but never long enough to push me away. In fact it was quite the opposite. My mind was opened to thoughts and experiences that I could have only ever dreamed to have. The nutritional cleanse lightened my mind and body. The shamanic drumming, meditations and medicine wheel left me with visions and feelings that provided me answers to questions I didn't know I had.

       Eric and Iona really listened and provided me with perspectives that I had never considered. Their compassion, understanding and attentiveness for what I was going through also left me feeling that the care they feel is pure and genuine.

       I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to experience this journey and I am looking forward to implementing the philosophies and practices that I learned on the beautiful journey.

       Thank you so much Eric and Iona, you are both angels that we are all blessed to have among us.

       - John Buckmaster, Entrepreneur, and Filmmaker

I could write five books on all the things that Eric has done to improve my life. But specifically about his acumen with addiction rehabilitation: when I hit a bottom with drugs and alcohol I had gone from a multi-millionaire to someone who would be homeless in six months if I had continued. I didn't have a lot of options. I could have spent 150k on a rehabilitation center, but I called Eric instead and said do you have any ideas on how to rehabilitate myself for under 100 grand? He asked me if I was really serious this time. I said "yes if I continue I will die." He had it all planned. We went to Costa Rica to detox and I had not disclosed all of my heroin addiction, but he still nursed me back to health while I went through withdrawal for 10 days. Then he took me to an ayahuasca ceremony with a shaman in the jungle that forever changed my life. All of his knowledge and expertise gave me the foundation to stay clean. I am now two years out and better than ever. I have been involved in ten cleanses with over twenty people with Eric, and the tools and insight and life-changing knowledge he has given to me and all the others is something you cannot get from any other organization; with Eric, he provides you with the tools to change your life for the rest of your life. And he is always there for you after a cleanse, and genuinely cares for each individual, which is more than any company can offer. Eric is also always learning and getting better at what he does to try to help people more.

      - Roy Nelson, professional gambler

Eric Nies is someone who genuinely cares! My name is John Nies. I'm Eric's older brother, confidant, friend, and biggest supporter. I'm writing this testimonial so that the reader, you, can come away with a greater understanding of who Eric is, what he does, and why he does it. I can honestly say that you would be very hard pressed to find another person on planet Earth with a bigger heart and a deeper desire to help people be their very best. Eric has committed himself to self-exploration in an effort to understand who we are at our very core and how we can evolve into stronger, healthier, more compassionate and loving people. He has been on a magical journey that has taken him halfway around the world having met a wide variety of fascinating people. He has acquired wisdom from amazing Grandparents, a Mother's unconditional love. a venerable Grand Master, Indigenous tribal matriarchs/patriarchs, Monks, Sages, Shaman, gifted healers, clinical nutritionists and the like. When you combine his worldly, unconventional education with his passionate desire to help there's no doubt that anyone that solicits his services will be getting extraordinary care. Eric's methodology and philosophy can help people looking to lose weight, overcome addiction, strengthen their immune system, connect deeper on a spiritual level, overcome childhood trauma, or to simply create more peace and harmony in their lives. He is one of those rare and special people that has come to this earth with a specific mission and that is to make this world a brighter place. I highly recommend him as someone that can take your health and spiritual well being to new heights. 

       John Nies, founder of Power Center (

I met Iona Nies at a Shamanic training workshop in Los Angeles almost two decades ago. We immediately became firm friends and have remained close since. Over the years I have witnessed how her relentless passion for research and discovery have lead her across the globe from the Amazon to Alaska gathering fundamental energetic information from ancient and tribal cultures about how to enhance the well-being and healing of humans. She has given me endless advice over the years on nutrition and food that has completely shaped and transformed my day-to-day eating habits and physical health. Iona is a healer who truly cares; she approaches every healing challenge fearlessly and with integrity. Since partnered with Eric Nies, finally Iona’s immense body of healing and nutritional knowledge is available to the people they work with. The way Iona and Eric heal is devoid of force and judgments and full of compassion and love. I have worked with many healers and shamans and I believe this duo are among the most powerful healers in Southern California at the moment.

       - A. Blackburn, Artist, Los Angeles

If we look at the odds we know then that we are all lucky to be here on this planet having our human experience. I will say the same about Eric and Iona. We could only be so lucky to have such inspirational, open-hearted and dedicated beings to touch our heart and our lives. With great pleasure and respect I can only be so lucky to have met these wonderful people.

       Alain Palinsky, Entrepreneur