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What are Twin Flames?

It is said that Twin Flames are literally the other half of our soul. Each of the Twins is a complete soul in and of itself, in as much as we can describe a part of the whole as being distinctly complete. But together both souls create something more.

It is said that God/spirit/infinity created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected beings. At this initial point of creation each single consciousness contains the seeds of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, alpha and omega, yin and yang, opposite poles of the one reality. At the initial descent into third dimensional reality these two aspects of the one were divided and the Twin Flames were created. Both Flames incarnate to lead separated lives, always aware, on some level, of a loss of an aspect of themselves. We each have only one Twin, from whom we chose to move apart and effectively go our separate ways, incarnating over many lifetimes, generating a full spectrum of human experience and moving ever closer to expressing more love in the journey to remembering who we truly are.  

It is said that there will be times, when the forces of creation, driven by the impulse of life to express every greater beauty and truth, conspire wonderfully to bring the Twins back together again. Such a reunion holds the promise of something amazing emerging from the power and passion that represents the potential of the Twin relationship. This reconnection of the one soul, at a human level, involves the awareness, balance and integration of our masculine and feminine components, raising individual and joint consciousness. It is said that the Twins come back together to evolve and ascend together, and they normally incarnate together for a higher purpose. At this time, many evolved Twin Flames are incarnating to assist in the raising of consciousness of humanity.


When Twin Flames do incarnate together the coming together is often chaotic and stressful, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Their relationship is very intense. The romantic loving version we all think of is really for certain kinds of Soul Mates. Twin Flames come together as two mirrors. They are there to reflect back each other's imperfections, for the ultimate goal of the Twin Flames is total union once more. To achieve this, total balance is needed by both of them on all levels. They incarnate specifically to be the facilitator of the other's growth and ascension. And yet the bond is such that being together is like coming home. The attraction is strong on every level, and spiritually they know they are one. This knowingness helps them over many of the hurdles, mostly created by pre-conditioning, beliefs and personality.  

The ultimate reality of this relationship is to explore and express love in a way that can inspire and guide others to do the same. The experience invites and offers the Twins a profound opportunity to reach towards and make manifest a love that knows no bounds or limits; a love that can carry them and anyone who feels the energy, to a deeper sense of self-love and desire to serve all of life. It involves the generation of a shared destiny that is far greater than either Twin could realize on their own.  

As the Twins become more into balance and their service here on the planet becomes more into their awareness they spiritually grow at a faster rate than when they were apart. They find their spiritual gifts are fine-tuned, each often possessing complementary gifts. They are sensitive to each other's energy flows and stresses. Being apart is like functioning at a reduced level. Together, they become balanced and more of who they are, just by being in each other's energy.

When Twin Flames reunite in physical form an awakening occurs of a very special kind—an awakening that can only occur when Twin Flames energetically connect in the third dimension. The flame of the alpha twin and the flame of the omega twin are re-ignited in this re-union. From this ignition comes a coil of gold light up their spine, the awakening of the oneness they once shared and their lights, awakened in recognition. As they grow closer in their connection on all levels these coils entwine to form a caduceusa union of the two lights, the two flames becoming one. As they come more into balance with each other the caduceus coils meld more and more into one another until there is no visible differentiation between them. They have transmuted all the imbalances that kept them apart, and have stepped onto the path of the alpha and omega, the journey home as a two parts of the one whole reunited in service.

Until quite recently, it was believed that Twin Flame couples finding each other was a very rare event on the Planet.  However, there now appears to be more and more people experiencing this phenomenon, perhaps as an inevitable aspect of an apparent acceleration of spiritual awareness and general consciousness at this profound time of planetary evolution.  People appear to be more and more ready for this possibility, and are preparing themselves at a soul level to manifest the opportunity.

It must be understood that the relationship is primarily one that involves spiritual service. This is the main reason for the Twins finding and reconnecting to each other, as the relationship generates a massive amount of creative energy, which is utilized not just for their own evolution but for the good of all. The universe is orchestrating this spiritual potential, and realizing it through these unions. It is a fast and very efficient remedy in the service to the rising expression of consciousness on the planet.

At a human level, where the fear, confusion and resistance tends to manifest, it is sometimes difficult to know if you have met your Twin, or if the intensity of attraction being experienced is actually due to some expression of karmic entanglement. There are no litmus tests that can be carried out to distinguish the truth of this; it comes down to the depth of feeling and the attraction at a soul and spirit level. This cannot be meaningfully shared or described to other people, and it remains a sacred secret that exists between the Twins themselves.

It is worth noting, that even if you are completely sure that you have met your Twin, there is absolutely no guarantee that one or both of you will be able to face or indeed survive the intensity of the relationship. This intensity expresses primarily at a soul level, but will reach out and affect all other aspects of our being. In such cases, the meeting may act as a catalyst for a conscious acceleration of spiritual development for one or both Twins, which may bring them closer to being able to be together at a practical level. In essence, the ability to stay together and manifest a coherent and integral life together, including the loving elevation of the families involved, depends on the strength, soul level awareness and overall commitment and service to love.

One primary element of the the Twin Flame relationship is that your Twin knows you better than any other person in the universe, even if you have not had much time together in “real” life. This knowing transcends, experience, personality or habitual behavioral programming, and provides an impetus for change that is fast and furious.  Anything that needs healing is healed; anything that needs letting go of, is let go. If it isn’t then the Twins know this and together they move towards its resolution, rapidly.

With many Twin Flame reunions, they may have many differences and come from different cultures and backgrounds—yet there is a deep similarity, or resonance, that is unmistakable in its expression and presentation. Each Twin will have their own connection to Spirit, but together it seems as if the communication is enhanced and optimized. Twins will rapidly establish and utilize a telepathic connection that is very deep and often cosmic in its expression. When you look at your Twin, hold them, kiss them, be with them, it is felt with the intense sensation that you have arrived home. Time together is like being in an oasis in the middle of a desert, or seeing the sun after a year in darkness. All relationships up to the point of meeting served to prepare the Twins for this.

Twin Flame love is not merely expressed as romantic love, and it is not merely a strong, physical attraction. Basically if you meet your Twin, you will begin to experience a massive internal shake up, a spiritual revolution, which initiates a greater understanding of yourself and the meaning of divine oneness. It is an opportunity to experience and express unconditional love. This is the greatest gifts being offered by this relationship.

At a human level, the Twin Flame relationship is a forge of heart activity and continuous spiritual, emotional, mental and physical testing. Both parties will simultaneously offer the other a chance to let go of old patterns and programs that limit love, and to move towards greater love in all aspects of their lives. There will be little or no manipulation, as the other feels this intimately and shuts it down immediately. Your Twin invites you to look into the crystal clear mirror of beauty and truth, to see yourself as you really are, and at the same time holds that vision for you, without condition, doubt or hesitation.  

This relationship is rarely “easy,” and will continue to confound and confuse, evoking fear and doubt, and will spread out, infecting and affecting all others in the orbit of this binary (twin) star system. It will challenge everyone on every level. It will push each Twin to integrate their masculine and feminine, and to move towards greater self love; the stepping stone to true unconditional Love. This potential offers the possibility of a love that will endure beyond space and time. There really is no choice. It is the beautiful truth. It is the Beauty and the Truth combined, expressing as love.

It can be said that the Twin Flame relationship can be seen as a bridge to greater understanding and integration of love. It brings both Twins and all in their light to a higher state of being and consciousness. It gives them opportunity to serve something so much bigger than their previous sense, gifting and blessing them with a mission that will affect all life at a planetary level, and beyond. The individuals within the pairing are not so important; it is the combination of their strengths and capacity to love that opens the doors to loving emergence for all.



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